Zetox by Olive Oil Skin Care -Award Winner at Cosmoprof

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The Olive Oil Skin Care Company regularly exhibits its products at international exhibitions.

Cosmoprof (Hong Kong) is considered to be one of the most prestigious and competitive exhibitions world wide. It is a gathering of brands and manufacturers world wide where latest products and innovations are exhibited to many thousands of visitors.

As part of the exhibition participants like Olive Oil Skin Care are judged by Cosmoprof  on their products and product philosophy. What  an honor not only to be a finalist in a very select field of the "Natural and Organic" field but as the winner of the "Natural and Organic Award" for our Zetox Facial Mist Spray.

Zetox is Olive Oil Skin Care Company innovative and leading range that combines the pollution and toxin removing effects of the naturally occurring mineral zeolite with the skin regenerative properties of the longest continually used skin care base, olive oil.

Zeolite in skincare adsorbs the pollutants and toxins that we face everyday; the source of pollutants are varied and extensive: car exhausts, heavy metals, cigarette smoke , aerosol sprays , dyes from clothes , free radicals caused by the action of the sun- the list is endless. These toxins aggregate on the skin causing significant damage and enhancing the ageing process.

The combined action of the zeolite and olive content helps reverse the process. Zeolite in skincare adsorbs the toxins- a mechanism akin to a magnet attracting small particles- and then removes the particles. Simultaneously the olive oil, which is rich in vitamins A and E, polyphenol and squalene commences the process of regenerating the skin- restoring and rejuvenating.

Anecdotal evidence also indicates that zeolite in skincare products can help relieve the symptoms of acne, dermatitis and eczema.