Zetox: harnessing the cleansing properties of Zeolite in Skin Care

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Our precious skin is the largest organ of our body and is the first line of defence from the many toxins ,pollutants and radiation that we are constantly in contact with daily. These deleterious items can impact on the health of the skin causing damage and resulting in premature ageing. 

Inside or step outside and we are constantly exposed to toxins and pollution; vehicle exhausts , smoking , industrial pollution , heavy metals , pesticides, cleaning agents and compounds , dyes in clothes , aerosols, free radicals radiation - the sources are endless and relentless in contaminating your skin.

The innovative and ground-breaking Zetox range developed by the Olive Oil Skin Company Pty Ltd , combines the amazing and proven properties of the naturally occurring mineral Zeolite, with the skin regenerative properties of the longest continually used skin care ingredient,  extra virgin olive oil.

Central to the effectiveness of the Zetox range , is Zeolite.  Our supply of Zeolite is from an Australian source and recognised as one of the purest sources world-wide. It is over 300,000,000 years old and after mining it is subjected to a rigorous processing scheme whereby it is reduced to micron size. Tests show that a 1 micron size particle of Zeolite can have over 25 square metres of active surface that can adsorb pollutants and toxins.

So how does the Zeolite work and make it so effective? Scientifically the process is know as "Cation Exchange". Simply described , the more positive electronically charged ions found in toxins and pollutants  are adsorbed by the lesser electronically charged structure of the Zeolite and removed from the skin. Or simply put the "Zeolite acts like a cage, traps the nasties that you are exposed too and keeps them trapped till removed from the skin " . Our diagram is a simple "layman's " view of the process.

Concurrently as the Zeolite adsorbs the deleterious items, the hypoallergenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil content goes to work. Olive oil is rich in the essential ingredients that helps promote healthy skin: it is rich in polyphenols , squalene and the essential vitamins that assist the skin to stay hydrated , moisturised ,restore elasticity , flexibility and greatly assist in the anti-ageing process.

Anecdotal evidence also indicates that zeolite can assist in the management of acne , eczema , psoriasis and dermatitis.

The Zetox range is an all- natural range that does not contain any sodium lauryl sulphate , parabens, palm oil artificial ingredients or colourants. 

Zetox will help reinvigorate, rejuvenate and restore your skin. Make it part of your daily routine.